Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rush Limbaugh on Fox and Friends.

Rush Limbaugh on Fox and Friends. RushLimbaugh.com, July 2, 2013. At Real Clear Politics, YouTube.

KILMEADE: The secretary of state is focusing on Israel and the Palestinians, which is Hamas. Why is he there? Even the New York Times said that’s a sideshow.
RUSH: It’s John Kerry. He doesn't know what he’s doing. Everything about this administration is image, sideshow, perception, photo op, optics. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on since the Bible was written. John Kerry doesn’t have the answer to it. Nobody in this administration has the answer to it. The only way that conflict is ever going to be solved is like any other conflict is solved. That is when there is an acknowledged loser who surrenders.
CARLSON: Mmm-hmm.
RUSH: Until that happens, all of this is just meaningless. It really is. I’ve been doing my radio show for 25 years and topics are now starting to repeat, you guys – and nothing changes. This is all just . . . It’s all part and parcel of the pattern of events. Look at all the work Clinton and Arafat did. Why? It didn’t matter a whit, did it? Look at all the work Jimmy Carter did. It didn’t matter a whit, did it? Arafat was given everything he asked for at one point. He pulled out ’cause he didn't want the conflict to end, just like certain leftists in this country don't want the conflicts they’re involved in to end. Because if you solve the problem, there is no reason for them to exist anymore. So all of this, to me, is just sadly – really sadly – predictable. I’m not trying to be cynical about it, but I am.

Hamas Victory: A Clarifying Development. By Rush Limbaugh. RushLimbaugh.com, January 26, 2006.

Here’s my first observation on this election in Israel. I know some people think it’s Palestine. I still think it’s Israel. I want to phrase this, and put this within the context of what I’ve always called the Limbaugh Doctrine. The Limbaugh Doctrine, ladies and gentlemen, is very, very simple: Peace does not come about with words and doctors and nurses and clean water. Peace follows victory. If you look at any conflict worldwide in modern history, in recent history, or long-ago history, in history, period – you will see that peace follows victory. We didn’t get peace with Germany and Japan by virtue of words until after we had defeated them. Now, this Israeli-Palestinian thing is not going to be any different than any other such conflict, and in that sense, I think that the Hamas victory in these elections could end up to be a good thing – and here’s why. I don’t think there’s any difference between Hamas and Fatah at all. They both stand for the same thing, and that is the elimination of Israel.

O to Israel: Go Back to ’67 Borders. By Rush Limbaugh. RushLimbaugh.com, May 19, 2011.


Peace results from one side emerging victorious in the conflict, the other side losing and surrendering.

Rush Limbaugh on Israel’s Problems with the Palestinians. IsraPundit, May 21, 2003.


The point of this commentary is that the Palestinians don’t want peace and the Arabs in the Middle East don’t want peace. They want the end of Israel. They want the destruction of Israel. More and more of these pieces are being written because the truth is inescapable now. There have been so many overtures for peace, there have been so many efforts made, and the closer it appears to be getting to peace, the more violence erupts. All the liberals of the world say that dialogue is the most crucial ingredient to peace, do they not? Clearly the most crucial ingredient to peace is victory. You don’t get peace unless it is preceded by victory. That’s called the Limbaugh Doctrine, but liberals think you can bring peace by appeasing your enemy, and through dialogue, nurses, doctors, clean water, exchange programs, etc.
There was going to be “dialogue,” a little meeting between Ariel Sharon and the new Palestinian official this week and what happened? Attack after attack after attack, suicide bombing after suicide bombing. The last thing these people want over there is peace. I don’t care whether you call it Oslo or Camp David or Camp David II, or the road map to peace, the fact is that there’s no Palestinian, no Syrian, no Iranian, who will accept an Israeli state.
Everybody talks about establishing a Palestinian state, but the real effort being made here is the destruction of the Israeli state. If we've learned anything since September 11th, it’s that you simply cannot negotiate with terrorists. Why we have learned this everywhere but the Middle East is beyond me. I’m a big believer in democracy and republican government, but the conditions for democracy among the Palestinians don't exist.