Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After Decrying Inequality, Obama Golfs at Personal Course of Mega-billionaire. By Thomas Lifson.

After decrying inequality, Obama golfs at personal course of mega-billionaire. By Thomas Lifson. American Thinker, February 17, 2014.


The ultra-rich are not and never will be the real target of Democratic Party rants against inequality. Instead, they reserve their venom for the hard-working entrepreneurial and technical/professional classes who seek to rise from upper middle-class ranks into bourgeois affluence. These strivers are the real enemy because they give the lie to the cant of victimhood and unfairness that mobilizes the Democrat voting base. It is much easier to hate your boss, or the person whose nice house you drive past every day, than it is to hate George Soros, or Larry Ellison, or Bill Gates, whose personal digs are distant, inaccessible, and unthinkably remote in terms of achievement.
If ordinary people all across America show that hard work, savings in order to accumulate capital, and focused intellect actually create and then enjoy new wealth, then others may get the notion that they, too, don't really need big government to ensure their shot at happiness. If wealth creation seems a real possibility because you have personally seen others do it in your city or town, that is truly subversive to the vision of a transformed America the Obamas and the Democrats are peddling.
So never mind the 1% of the 1% with whom Barack Obama plays. They are not the enemy he demonizes (although he may remind them from time to time that he is the only thing that stands between them and the pitchforks as he shakes them down). His real hatred is for people more visible to the masses –the term dear to Marxists – in their daily lives, whose achievements validate a system that makes the government-as-economic-savior irrelevant.