Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ralph Peters: Obama “Is a Terrified Little Man In a Great Big Job He Can’t Do.”

Ralph Peters: Obama “Is a Terrified Little Man In a Great Big Job He Can’t Do.” Video. Real Clear Politics, September 5, 2014. YouTube.

Obama’s Reign of Error: How America Lost Its Way and Is Losing the War Against Jihad. Interview with Ralph Peters by Sebastian Gorka. Breitbart, August 22-26, 2014. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.


Let’s talk about this coalition. Remember how the Democrats belittled George Bush for going it alone in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He had 48 nations behind him, 40 of which contributed military contingents. His father did a brilliant job of building a remarkable coalition for Desert Storm. Now Obama – well, let's see, Bush had a coalition of the willing. Let’s see if Obama has a coalition of the chilling. Because I will tell you, he is not going to get our allies to step up the way George Bush did.

He’s not going to get neutral states and others in the Middle East to step up. Why? Because they cannot trust Obama. He’s screwed over the Eastern Europeans on missile defense to get a crappy arms deal with Putin. He’s bailed on our allies in Iraq. He’s run NATO all over the map in Afghanistan. He’s drawn red line after red line and never lived up to any of it. He won’t call an invasion of Ukraine an invasion. He won’t call a war a war. He won’t call Islamist terrorists Islamist terrorists. This president is a terrified little man in a great big job he can’t do.