Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chilling Screams of Yazidi Women Dragged Away to be Sex Slaves by ISIS.

Chilling screams of Yazidi women dragged away by ISIS. Video. Daily Mail, December 18, 2015. YouTube. YouTube.

Harrowing footage released by Yazidi group shows terrified families scream as ISIS gunmen surround them and drag away their wives and daughters to become sex slaves. By Simon Tomlinson. Daily Mail, December 18, 2015.

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Screaming girls torn from their parents and corralled into a separate group. Some are dragged by their hair by fighters armed with AK-47 machine guns. ISIS has massacred hundreds of Yazidis and enslaved their wives and girls.

Harrowing footage has emerged which appears to show ISIS gunmen dragging terrified wives and daughters from their families to make them sex slaves. The video, posted online by activists, shows a crowd of screaming Yazidis being separated one by one by militants armed with AK-47s in what appears to be an apartment block.

Terrified girls try to cling to their parents but are ripped away, some by their hair, and corralled into another group at gunpoint. Above them, the sinister ISIS black flag is hung from a balcony beside more jihadists, one of whom appears to be brandishing a rocket launcher.

The video, which appears to have been uploaded to Facebook by Yazidi activists, has not been independently verified and the fate of the captives is not known.

ISIS massacred as many as 5,000 Yazidi men and abducted hundreds of women and young girls, when it swept through the Iraqi town of Sinjar last year. Some women have been lucky enough to escape or be freed, but have given horrific accounts of rape, torture and suicide. Pregnant women have also been forced to undergo abortions leaving them unable to move or speak. ISIS jihadists would bring their own gynaecologists to “slave markets” where captured women who were found to be pregnant would be subjected to painful abortions so they could be used for sex.

Some captives have chosen to kill themselves than endure further torture.

Sonja Bochow, Right Wing News:

When life is worth nothing, when sex is simply another service in the marketplace, when women have no value except as slaves…then this is what happens. ISIS is a radical Islamic death cult whose members use other human beings as their own personal playground or political statement. This kind of disregard for human life is horrific.

Some of these women are so desperate, that death is preferable to being the slave of violent killers. Who will stop these evil men? Who speaks for the women and little girls whose are abused, maimed and murdered? When will the world stand up and say “No more.”? There is a true war on women, and it is not in America. Look no further than ISIS.