Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Republican Donor Class Doesn’t Understand What We’re Up Against. By Rush Limbaugh.

The Republican Donor Class Doesn’t Understand What We’re Up Against. By Rush Limbaugh. RushLimbaugh.com, November 11, 2013.


We need some brawlers. We need some people who are not afraid to do battle with the Democrats to save the country. You know, that’s what it comes down to. In addition to everything else going on, the Republican donor class, the consultant class, the Republican establishment, they don’t think there’s any emergency.
Obamacare’s not an emergency, just the latest Democrat legislation.
There is no debt crisis.
It’s not any big deal.
The country isn’t threatened. Our way of life’s not being upset. There’s nothing upset here. Everything’s fine. “It’s just the Democrats are in power, and that’s what we gotta fix. We’ve gotta put ourselves back in power so that we’re in charge of it money and not them,” but they don’t think there’s a crisis. They’re not concerned that their kids or grandkids are gonna have nothing when they grow up. They're not concerned about the jobs and the economy and any of that.
It doesn’t appear. They don’t think there’s a crisis. That really is the dividing line between the Tea Party and the establishment. The Tea Party thinks if something isn’t done, the country as founded will not exist. Those guys don’t think that. The Republican establishment thinks that’s hooey. The donor class says, “What do you mean, the country’s not gonna exist as founded? What the hell are you talking about?” That’s kook talk, they think. They just don’t believe it, and that is the dividing line.
There are couple others, too, but that is the big line of demarcation, of difference. No, they don’t see what’s happening. They don’t think it’s a harbinger that the country is under assault and they don’t see the Democrats as trying to “re-found” the country, if you will. They don’t see the Democrats as anything other than the current officeholders. They don’t think that there’s any crisis. They really don’t.
Plus, donors are like anybody. They want to be close to power. They want cronyism, not ideology. They want crony. They want to get close to power so that a Republican president will do nice things for their business, in pay off or donations like it’s happening with Obama. They’re not ideologues. And they think with the Tea Party out there the Republicans are never gonna win anything and they’re never gonna be close to power, so their problem is the Tea Party.
The way the donors and the establishment look at it, the Tea Party is what’s gonna prevent them from ever regaining power, not the Democrats. It’s the Tea Party – and if you don’t understand that, nothing will make sense about any of this.