Sunday, September 14, 2014

Satan and a Jewish Woman Give Birth to ISIS in an Iraqi TV Satire.

Satan and a Jewish Woman Give Birth to ISIS in an Iraqi TV Satire. Video. MEMRI TV. Clip No. 4491, September 9, 2014. YouTube. Transcript.

Also at the Jerusalem Post. Arutz Sheva 7. Gateway Pundit.

Description [MEMRI]:

Al-Iraqiyya TV recently aired a promo announcing a soon-to-come anti-ISIS satirical series. The series, called “The Superstitious State” – a play on the words “khilafa” (“caliphate”) and “khirafa” (“superstition”) – features an assortment of colorful characters, including a red-clad devil with a pitchfork, whose union with a Jewess – wearing a large Star of David – begets an “ISIS-ling” in the form of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, hatched from an egg. Other characters in the cast include Sheikha Mozah, wife of the former Emir of Qatar, a gun-toting, grog-swigging American cowboy, the Joker from Batman, Dracula, and a character presumably representing Stalin [or Saddam]. The promo was broadcast on the Iraqi TV channel on September 9, and is being shown several times a day since.

Arutz Sheva 7:

Amid all the talk of empowering “moderate” Iraqi elements in order to combat the rise of the Islamic State (or ISIS), some might argue that the finer and sometimes more inconvenient points of the reality on the ground – such as American airstrikes directly aiding Iranian-backed militias, and the rampant corruption of the Iraqi government and deep sectarian grievances which helped fuel the conflict – have been overlooked, willfully or otherwise.

So hey, what’s a little anti-Semitism between allies?

A trailer promoting a new TV satire mocking ISIS portrays the group as the offspring of a marriage between the devil... and a Jewess.

It appears that even “moderation” is relative.

Ironically, although the spoof trailer notes the way Iraqi Christians have been driven out of the country, it neglects to mention that Iraqi Jews were similarly ethnically-cleansed just a generation or two ago – by precisely the kind of latent anti-Semitism exhibited by the video.

That being said, it’s unlikely many Iraqi Jews are exactly pining to return, so good luck to them...