Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Mysterious Olga Fonda. By Diana Falzone.

The Mysterious Olga Fonda. By Diana Falzone. Video., November 6, 2015. YouTube.


Tough as nails, mysterious, and a potential threat to Sharon Stone? That’s actress Olga Fonda’s latest starring role in TNT’s Agent X premiering on November 8. Fonda spoke to FOX411 about the advice co-star Sharon Stone gave her, doing her own stunts, and why she won't talk about how she got her famous last name.

FOX411: You play opposite Sharon Stone. What has it been like working with her?

Olga Fonda: It’s fantastic. I’m so honored to be a part of the show and so honored to be working with her. It’s just such a great experience. Just to watch her perform in front of you, it’s just a dream come true. She’s amazing. She’s beautiful. She’s very supportive of her fellow actors and I cannot be happier to be working with Sharon Stone.

FOX411:  Has she offered you any life advice?

Fonda:  Life advice? Ah, I don’t think so. No. She did give me advice. She said, “You’re great. You should work on your accent a little more.” So, I’ve been doing that. I’ve been working on my American accent.

FOX411:  Oh, ok. I guess that’s a constructive criticism, right?  Helpful.

Fonda:  It’s a very good one.  Yes.

FOX411:  Why do you think TV has become hot amongst the Hollywood A-list?

Fonda:  I think that TV has such great writing right now nowadays. There are great storylines and you know you can tell a story in a better way, you know. You have 10-23 episodes to tell the story and all these writers and directors are going into TV and it’s just more opportunities.

FOX411:  You also have a background in martial arts which is really cool.  Do you do your own stunts on Agent X or will insurance policies not allow it?

Fonda: I get to do my own stunts.

FOX411: Awesome!

Fonda: I try to do as many as I can or they allow me to do.  I have a great stunt girl.  She’s actually Russian.  Her name is Elaina and sometimes her and I playfully fight over who is going to do the scene but we both love it and I grew up with older brother and male cousins and they tend to practice their martial arts on me when I was younger so that’s where my love came to it.  And I did ballroom dancing when I was growing up and I think that helped me do stunts and remembering the routine but I love doing it, it’s a lot of fun.  A girl can kick somebody’s butt.

FOX411: Yeah, without actually getting hurt in the process. That’s the great thing about it being a TV show.

Fonda: You know, Jeff and I were talking the other day and he told me, you know, “When I just met you and we were doing this elevator scene I was kind of worried about you. You looked a little fragile or on the smaller side.” And he goes, “The minute you walk onto the elevator,” he said, “I realized looks can be deceiving.” Then, I kicked his butt.

FOX411: See, girls kick butt!  Your stage name is Fonda. Why did you decide on such an iconic Hollywood legend’s last name? Did it help open doors for you although there’s no relation?

Fonda: No, there is no relation to it. I didn’t particularly change my name to Fonda because I knew who Fondas were. It’s still going to remain a mystery. I keep it as a mystery. So, maybe one day I’ll tell the story of how I changed my last name.

A Radical Left, Postcolonialist Critique of American Empire. By Mnar Muhawesh and Abby Martin.

Rise of a U.S. Corporate Empire and the Global Resistance Bringing It to Its Knees. By Mnar Muhawesh and Abby Martin. Video. MintPress News, October 28, 2015. YouTube.


The U.S. empire gives all its predecessors a run for their money, especially in terms of human and resource exploitation. But is resistance building that could bring the U.S. empire to its knees, MintPress Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh asks Abby Martin, host of “The Empire Files.”

MINNEAPOLIS — Throughout history, some of the world’s most influential empires have also been the most brutal. In turn, their legacy has turned “empire” into a very dirty word, indeed.

The Roman, British, Ottoman, Spanish and Soviet empires come to mind readily. And in school, we learn about the glories of these civilizations, their cultural triumphs and their contributions to the world we live in today. But what’s often left out is the devastating truth that empires are built on the atrocious foundations of sex and migrant slavery, military expansion, land and resource theft, genocide and overall intimidation.

And while history is littered with the atrocities of empires built and toppled, “empire” is certainly not a thing of the past. In fact, today, not only is the United States an empire in every sense of the word, it’s the biggest empire the world has ever seen.

While the look of empire may have changed, empire remains fundamentally the same.  Here to talk to me more about how the U.S. empire operates is Abby Martin, the host of the new show that’s taking on the horrific policies of the empire at home and abroad.

The Rise of History’s Biggest Empire: Empire File 001. By Abby Martin. Video. The Empire Files. teleSur, September 4, 2015. YouTube.