Thursday, October 8, 2015

General Jack Keane Warns That Putin Is Starting a Proxy War With the U.S.

Gen. Keane warns that Putin starting proxy war with US. Video. Interviewed by Sandra Smith. The Kelly File. Fox News, October 8, 2015. YouTube.

Ret. Army General: Putin Launched a Proxy War; “How Can The United States Stand By And Do Nothing?” By Patrick Goodenough., October 8, 2015.

Live Hearing: Russian Strategy and Military Operations. United States Senate Committee on Armed Services, October 8, 2015.


Transcript excerpt:

General Keane:

Putin is counting on the U.S. fear of escalation and fear of confrontation to stop any thought of retaliation. Aggression unanswered, historically, has led to more aggression.
. . . .

Putin has begun a proxy war with the U.S. when Russian combat aircraft struck, continuously, moderate  rebel forces trained by the CIA. This was no accident, targets were provided by the Syrian regime and they were accurate. How can the U.S. stand by and do nothing? U.S. military should have been given the mission to retaliate.
. . . .

If we continue to wring our hands and continue to be dominated by fear and opposed to instilling fear, the Russian aggression will not just advance in the M.E. but most likely it will escalate in the Baltics and eastern Europe.
. . . .

Senator Tom Cotton: General Jones, you have a long and distinguished career as well. Can you recall a time when we’ve told American troops to avoid an enemy?

General James Jones: No.

Senator Cotton: I certainly haven’t served as long as you two have, but I can’t recall receiving or giving such an order. America doesn’t avoid our enemies.